Have You Considered Breast Reduction Surgery?

Some women with naturally large breasts may find that it keeps them from being able to do some of the things they love such as sports and dancing. Others might find the weight of their breasts to be painful. No matter what the reasons may be, below are some of the top reasons to consider asking your doctor about a breast reduction.

Less Back Pain

Many women who are looking to get a breast reduction do so because of the back pain the heaviness causes. Larger breasts can sometimes weigh up to seven pounds each. For women who are active and love to exercise, the weight of the breasts can be a significant cause of pain in the back and chest.

Improvement In Posture

Large, heavy breasts can also lead to bad posture. The weight in the front can pull an individual forward and create a hunch in the shoulders when walking and moving around. After a successful breast reduction, many women notice an improvement in posture and less tension in their upper backs right away.

Easier To Exercise

Certain exercises can cause breasts to jump and bounce around. For women with heavy breasts, the movement can become painful, even with a supportive bra. Any exercise that causes the breasts to hang will also put stress and strain on a woman with a large bust.

No Shoulder Grooves From Bra Straps

Women with larger breasts often have to wear bras with thicker shoulder straps to support the weight. Thin straps are often not strong or supportive enough to get the job done and can cut into the shoulders. Many women seek a breast reduction in order to have more options in bras and not have to be stuck purchasing bras with thick straps only.

More Clothing Options

For women who have large, natural breasts and a small body frame, it can be really difficult to find clothing options that fit properly. If the clothing fits in the breast area, it may be too baggy in the stomach area. If you want a form-fitting shirt, it may not fit the large breasts. Many women want to get a breast reduction so they are able to have more clothing options to purchase that fit correctly.

Eliminate Sagging

One reason a lot of women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery is to eliminate saggy breasts. Over time, the heavy weight from large breasts will pull the skin until it gets stretched. While it can happen to breasts of all sizes as you age, it is more common for large breasts to sag the most. A cosmetic surgeon may be able to reduce large breasts and discuss the option of a breast lift surgery. A breast reduction with a breast lift can give women smaller, fuller and perkier breasts.

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