Following a Soft Food Diet After Weight Loss Surgery

After weight loss surgery, you might think that you can eat the same foods that you did before the procedure but in smaller amounts. While some foods that you enjoyed can be consumed on a smaller scale if they provide the essential nutrients that your body needs, there are many foods that you should try to avoid. You will usually be on a liquid diet for the first few weeks after surgery before you can begin eating any kind of solid foods.

When Should I Add Pureed Foods?

It’s important to wait for your doctor’s go-ahead before moving on from your liquid diet. The liquid diet is an important transitional stage and also allows your doctor to evaluate how well you are healing. Even if you feel ready to eat foods, wait for your doctor to give the all-clear.

The Pureed Diet

Once you’re able to tolerate liquids and the incisions from your surgery have healed, you can begin eating pureed foods. You can put foods in a blender or get foods that are already soft, such as yogurt or cottage cheese. Your meals won’t be large because your stomach will be much smaller than what it was before. Most of the time, you’ll only be able to eat about six tablespoons at each meal.

Eating Tips

Try to enjoy the food that you eat, taking the time to let your food digest so that the nutrients can be absorbed. Scrambled eggs, lean meats, cereals that you can cook, and steamed vegetables are good foods to puree that will give you the vitamins that your body needs to heal.

There are a few foods that you should avoid eating after weight loss surgery. These foods include bread, pasta, meats that are fried, and vegetables that have a lot of fiber in them. Listen to your body when you eat because you can begin to sense when your stomach is truly full and which foods don’t agree with your digestive system.

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