Taking Your Medication While On Vacation

Keeping up with medication needs while away from home can present some challenges. If your summer plans include a vacation, for instance, you’ll likely have concerns about how to safely take your medication with you. Doing some advance planning and keeping certain precautions and tips in mind can provide confidence that you are traveling with your medication correctly.

Only Take What You Need

Some medications are meant to be taken every day and others are only used on an “as-needed” basis. Keep your use in check when on vacation by only taking what you need. Another way to do this is by counting out the pills you’ll need for each day of your vacation. Bring a few extras for emergencies, such as losing a pill or two. Get any refills you may need before leaving.

Secure Medications Left at Home

Even if there won’t be any family members left at home as you go on vacation, it never hurts to err on the side of caution. Place any prescriptions you’ll leave at home while away in a lock box or safe. Another option is to place meds in a safe deposit box at your local bank until you get back.

Take Your Medication as Directed

It’s never a good idea to double-up on dosages or take an extra pill now and then, especially with controlled substances. However, you also don’t want to skip doses because you don’t have any pain or because you simply forget. Since it can be easy to get distracted by your vacation activities, using medication reminders can help you stick to your regular dosage schedule.

Bring a List of Medications

Keep careful track of any medications you bring on vacation by making a list of everything you’ll be taking and what each medication treats. If you’ll be traveling overseas, ask your doctor for a letter stating that you take such medications for pain management purposes. This is a step that could minimize issues with airport security or officials in foreign countries.

Be Safe

Be just as cautious about planning your vacation-related activities. If you know you have chronic low back pain, for example, avoid kayaking in rough waters or hiking for hours with a heavy backpack. Also, avoid combining alcoholic beverages with some pain medications since doing so can enhance dangerous side effects like drowsiness.

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